Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Webbie Of The Day:

Keep this between us, okay? In March 2003, I recorded Celine Dion's opening night concert at Caesar's Palace... and knowing hundreds of fans were interested in hearing the wonder of that event, I offered a beautifully crafted home-made version for sale on, complete with lush CD artwork. I sold a half dozen copies—until amazon alerted me I was pawning "illegal" goods... and banished me from selling FOREVER.

Ebay is no different... so where then might you find items that aren't endorsed by corporate superpowers... goods never released by major retailersbecause they figured it might cost more to manufacture than the return? An example: Sheena Easton... my fave artist, whose music videos were never issued because she switched record labels mid-stream.

The answer: iOffer, a brilliant webbie that allows sellers to hawk creatively compiled goods. Google, amazon and Apple, you're missing out on an entire thriving marketplace. Free enterprise. Ain't that what made this nation great?