Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People Magazine's Amusing 2011 'Most Beautiful' Pepes List

So People magazine, in its issue streeting April 15, thinks Jennifer Lopez tops the list of the most beautiful pepes alive, eh? I'm more apt to believe she must have the most powerful publicist on earth. My vote goes with Eva Longoria, also on the 2011 list. She doesn't pretend to sing. Or dance. She just acts and makes us giggle and occasionally tear up... love her...
Then there are beauties whose chosen pics are downright insulting... Jessica Simpson with lemon yellow hair, boobs oddly positioned just under her chin, posing just after indulging in a Las Vegas buffet; Katie Holmes after a wearying night of gay barhopping with her husband; & cutie Mandy Moore, who apparently was still in bed when the photog started shooting...
This year's cover choice competes with some previous golden winners and horrifying missteps. The good: Drew Barrymore in 2007, Kate Hudson in 2008, oh yes!
The oh-so-bad: horse-face Nicole Kidman in 2002, one-dimensional Jennifer Aniston in 2004, plain Jane Jodi Foster in 1992... WTF?
People did remember, apparently as an after-thought, to include a scant sprinkling of men in its 2011 list, including delish Penn Badgley, ever adorable Zac Efron and increasingly hot Ryan Reynolds. Sure do appreciate that, Pepes mag.
And again, WTF? What the hell happened to adorable Kellan Lutz? Me thinks he needs to cut down on the steroids (above: now; below, 2010). Heinous.