Friday, July 1, 2011

Adweek Closes Pride Month With List Of The 50 'Gayest Ads Ever'

Adweek closes Gay Pride month with a cheeky look at the "50 Gayest Ads Ever," from around the world. For whatever reason, the vast majority focus on the weary "hot lesbian" theme, although to their credit, the mag's editors were assisted by GLAAD's Commercial Closet.

* Here's one from 1999 that's awfully cute (left), if not amusingly dated, for Sony's Mini Disc.
* Heinz, 2008, proudly out and yet adorable. Sadly, after 200 complaints, the company yanked it off the air.
* Absolut Cut, 2006. Another that uses gay innuendo as fresh comedy.
* Virgin Atlantic, 2004. Gay but cutely inoffensive for queasy straights (right).
Below, Levi's, 2007. Arguably the best if not among the most ubiquitous. Sexy but still cute.