Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kagan Debate Rages On: And I'm Glad

Everyone is yammering about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's gayness (yup, I'm fascinated, too)—except, of course, for Elena Kagan—and frankly I think it's exceptional that homosexuality has become such a firestorm issue in the media. Much of the debate is absurd, it's getting increasingly hateful among wing-nut conservatives, but it takes just such contention for America's creaky social consciousness to ever make forward strides.

* In a hilariously shallow political analysis, Ben Smith of Politico interviewed some really important people, including former N.Y. gov Eliot Spitzer about Kagan's dating history. The whore-monger cleared everything up: "I did not go out with her, but other guys did." Well then, that settles it. Meanwhile, her former college roommate claims it was tough for Kagan to date—not because she was gay, but because she was smart. Actually, there may be something to that.

* The Wall Street Journal is in deep shit for "gay-baiting" Kagan with a cover photo of her playing softball. Whoopsie! (I wonder if she wore her pearls to accent the handsome outfit.)

Meanwhile, what's not funny is how conservative crazies are using Kagan's sexuality as a platform for all sorts of idiotic, homophobic claims, such as:

* The National Organization for Marriage: "A vote to confirm Kagan will be a vote for imposing gay marriage on all 50 states." Just like that! Wow, why didn't we gays think of this before?

* Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth: "If Kagan is practicing immoral sexual behavior, it reflects on her character as a judicial nominee. It certainly matters if she could emerge as a crusading ‘gay’ advocate on the court. In an era of ubiquitous pro-gay messages and pop culture celebration of homosexuality, it’s ridiculous that Americans should be left guessing as to whether a Supreme Court nominee has a special, personal interest in homosexuality." Ridiculous is the word, all right.

* Bryan Fischer of the American Family Assn.: "We cannot afford to have (a) sexually abnormal individual in a position of important civic responsibility. Social conservatives must rise up as one and say no lesbian is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court." You bet! But misogynists like Clarence Thomas are more than welcome.

For all my shits and giggles about this issue, the driving point is that hate and prejudice are still aired with no shame when it comes to homosexuality in the U.S., and it's going to take just such an issue for America to recognize that all is not fair and balanced among us.

I actually had a "friend" on Facebook question this belief. She wrote, "Charles, what are you talking about gay rights? Don't you have the same as the rest of us? Fill me in on what you are missing." And she was serious—honestly with no clue that gays cannot openly serve in the miltary without being dishonorably discharged; that gay couples are not allowed to adopt children in 31 states; or that gays cannot have a non-U.S. spouse become a full citizen or collect spousal Social Security benefits upon their death.

How about the fact that gays are denied hospital visitation with their partners; that without a will, a lifetime together is void if a next-of-kin makes a claim; that without marriage, we are often considered "shacking up" instead of living with the same commitment as straights... or that my gay teen-age nephew—who lives in the same town as my "friend"—faces taunting and being pummeled every day because he is "different" (just as his uncle did two decades ago). No, Cheryl, we do not have the same "rights."

The best quote I've read on the entire Kagan debate comes from Kevin Naff, editor of gay newspaper the Washington Blade: “Although it would mark a welcome leap forward to have an openly LGBT Supreme Court justice, the White House and Kagan herself have denied she’s gay. I assume she understands the seriousness of being caught in a lie.”


  1. Your Facebook friend is far from alone. In most parts of Europe and Australasia it seems alien to us that the country that so loves to proclaim itself a leader could possibly allow what amounts to preaching hate against a minority to happen so freely and openly.

  2. Homosexuality is wrong. I don't care what you say but it is wrong. The parts don't fit fool. That alone should give you a clue. I'm glad america is still fighting against this evil and will support them in this for as long as it takes. Homosexuality should be crushed and homosexuals will burn in hell :)

  3. @pushingdaisies Judge not lest you be judged and he that is without sin cast the first stone. How about love thy neighbor? All of these statements should override any hate filled diatribes that you could conjure.

    I consider myself a conservative person; however, people like you truly cause me to question the ideology. How could you hate so blindly and be willing to hurt so many people? Please live a life of love rather than hate for in love, more people may come to know Jesus than via hate and discrimination.

  4. You've hit the nail on the head when you say that the prejudice against homosexuality is aired without shame in the US. People like the charming PushingDaisies (who I might add is all over the web posting their hate)have no qualms about spewing such hatred because there are no consequences for doing so.

  5. Dear PushingDasies...
    Just sending you a quick note that I would rather "burn in hell" as you said all us LGBTs will, if it means that I dont have to put up with closed-minded ignorant fools such as yourself.
    Much Love,
    PS- parts will always fit when you think creatively =P

  6. your quote is brilliant @Lilla

  7. Haha, very well put, and it's such a sad truth.
    Pushing daises? The parts don't fit? HAHA what? An evil? Seriously, you're kind is fading away. And pushingdaises? what a name, isn't that in reference to graves/burial...lovely

  8. I'm sincerely schocked with this debate. For me, this issue wouldn't never be discussed. Homosexuality is not wrong. If it was wrong, and if it was a personal choice, who would, in sane consciousness, choose this one? We're not bent persons. We gays were chosen by Nature. All the animals' population have their pop-control, isn't it? Humans, as a part of the Nature, have its one too: US! And Nature isn't wrong. Nevertheless, for PushingDaisies, Nature doesn't exists: we're all sons of Adam and Eve. I don't wanna ever know what she (or he...) thinks about the african-americans...

  9. @PushingDaisies: Yada, yada, yada... BO-RING.

    @Lilla: LOVED your quote :D

    @JadCorr: "Humans, as a part of the Nature, have its one too: US! And Nature isn't wrong. " Mwahahaha!!!! Loved it.

    However, this should not happen. What does it matter if she likes to date girls instead of boys? At least she is open minded, go her! :D

  10. Pushing Daisies said, "and homosexuals will burn in hell"

    Um, whether or not someone will burn in hell does not speak to whether or not they will be a good supreme court justice.

    This is what you get when people exert their private views through political force. Stopping others from engaging in important positions due to a non-related part of who they are.

  11. (gasp!!!)


    I am soo surprised. Tell me, which commandment did they break?

    I think all this anti gay rhetoric is overt jealousy, and I think their IS a commandment about coveting thy neighbours ass or fox?!?

  12. mmmmm sad to hear that the usa is still very behind the times where gay rights are concerned,pushing dildos or whatever ur name is should be allowed to voice opinions ,we as a comunity are vocal when it suits us ,but as a very very out gay man with a partner of 13 happy years behind me ,and two stunning kids too ,i could not be happier,and i would be happy to burn in hell with the likes of george micheal,darren hayes n lady gaga,i say party on ,god bless all of us ,the biggots too x

  13. Mind boggling ! If you want to react, go to this petition, sign it and stick your tongue out!

    Sign this petition


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