Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super-Sized David Beckman Looms Mighty LARGE Over NYC

David Beckham peers down upon New York's Penn Station in all his overtly masculine glory, thanks to a 220-foot-tall billboard that was hand-painted over the course of two weeks, advertising his new line of undies for H&M's bodywear. I must say, I'd have been frightened being so close to a 12-foot packed crotch. Or... maybe not.

The ad follows his $3.6 million teaser ad that ran during the Super Bowl, which, in an apparent attempt not to intimidate the primarily male audience watching, barely showed the goods we all care to see in his precious Bodywear.

Meanwhile, a new Calvin Klein billboard on Houston Street, which I walked by Friday night and sighed over with admiration, offers equal time to a scantily clad dude, with his own three-story crotch. Typically, this space dares to thrill with barely dressed women. Equal time, at last! *