Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Washington VI: Pure Reverence At Madame Tussaud's

Before heading back to NYC from D.C. on Saturday, Caroline and her roomie Kristine snagged Groupons for Madame Tussaud's in downtown Washington. With Alex and meese in tow, we admired our nation's history with reverence and respect. *"You were robbed at the Oscars," I assure a melancholy George Clooney, helping the healing with a gentle smoochie. Caroline swoons at Johnny Depp's perfect eyeliner, conjuring Captain Jack Sparrow; Alex with a young, rather large-headed Mickey Jackson; Justin Timberlake, George, Angelina & Brad!
"Crack is whack," Alex tells former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry; as Bill Clinton gives Caroline a little razzle with Hillary giggling along; and Alex doing same to LBJ. Tee hee.
My buddy Jackie Kennedy let me try on one of her minks as a rather stoic JFK wonders where Marilyn is.
Hall of Presidents: Zach Taylor sports some boffo hair; uh, wonder who that next one is; Woodrow Wilson looking rather dandy; Alex gets interrogated by J. Edgar Hoover; Tom Jefferson, sporting a fabulous little flip-do' and Caroline with a surprisingly demure Winston Churchill.
Scary good... Michelle and Barack Obama, with pals Kristine and Caroline. These two were so realistic it was spooky.
 Alex getting comfy in the Oval Office, as Kristine and I conduct a press conference for the Prez.
As an alumnus of James Madison University, I was stunned to see how lil' Jimmy was.