Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flaming Saddles (Redux): New York City's Best Gay Bar

Last Saturday, chums Bob & Tim introduced me to wondrous country gay bar Flaming Saddles in Hell's Kitchen, which was mobbed with an all-ages urban crowd. Today, after brunch at kitsch fave Vynl with visiting D.C. pals Alex & Caroline and best bud Leonard, we checked out the Sunday Tea scene.

Once again, although not as packed as the Saturday night crowd, the bartenders proved to be the friendliest in town (my god, buy-backs galore!), while co-owner Jackie was the consummate hostess.

What I love about the joint: All of the bartenders are gay (and hot) and it's straight-friendly in European fashion... all are welcome, as long as you're hanging with your gay friends.

I'm ready to declare: Among bars above the West Village, Splash is feeling long in the tooth, G Lounge is entirely too haughty, Boxers is fab but a tad generic... And thus, Flaming Saddles is the new top dog among queer bars.