Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anderson Cooper Out, At Last, In Print

The National Enquirer, that Nobel Prize-nuzzling journal of record, runs a cover story this week in which it casually refers to CNN newsman Anderson Cooper "and his boyfriend" adopting a Haitian orphan (bottom left). I've seen these dudes walking through the center of Chelsea (read: NYC gay nabe), where their body language makes no attempt to hide their intimacy.

The only parties with any interest in keeping this guy in the closet are the frightened, dare-we-report-the-truth mainstream media. Who ever thought I'd say "hurrah" for the Enquirer, for stating the obvious without any hoopla.

In other queer news, here's the Super Bowl ad that was rejected because, oh mercy, it's gay. Shhh! CBS is terrified that some of those straight men watching in Omaha might find out everyone else isn't just like them! Mind you, Focus on The Family's anti-abortion ad... now that's all American!