Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sarah Palin: Quote of the Day

Sarah Palin, the celebrity Twit... oops, I mean Twitter, who just can't keep her mouth shut, is now bitching about Fox's adult animated "Family Guy." In a recent episode in which the character Chris falls for a girl with Down's syndrome, he asks what her parents do. She replies: "My dad's an accountant, and my mom is the former governor of Alaska."

As we well know, Palin, the former gov, has a son with Down's syndrome. On Facebook, Palin waaaaahed that the parody represents "another kick in the gut." Meanwhile, her daughter Bristol called the show's writers "heartless jerks," adding that "Family Guy" is "a particularly pathetic cartoon show."

My question: Why is this "wholesome," all-American family watching such risque programming anyway? This is not "The Waltons." Its adult humor regularly lampoons the most sacred of topics. Perhaps if America's sweetheart Sarah and her slut daughter Bristol spent more time reading the Bible instead of peering at such smut in the first place, there wouldn't be a teen-age single mother in the household.

What is this nation coming to?

AND IN OUR NON-QUOTE CATEGORY: On Friday, Tiger Woods will speak publicly for the first time since it was revealed that he has the moral fortitude of a... politician. Who gives a flying ping-pong ball?