Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Kick-Off!

Hurrah, it's time for the annual Soup Kitchen Bowl! I love a good chili cook-off, as much as the next guy. This year, I understand that some women in Indianapolis and New Orleans are the finalists. Good luck to both teams... and don't forget the cheddar cheese on top!
Actually, I am Tivo'ing the Super Bowl. But unlike the rest of America, I will be fast forwarding past the game, just to watch the commercials. It's the reason we all love Tivo, only in reverse.

I don't know shit about either team, so am about as invested as I am in Dubai's real estate market. Someone told me that New Orleans is considered the underdog, and we're supposed to feel warm and fuzzy about them because of Katrina and all. Then again, Indianapolis has to deal with the fact that they're in... well, Indiana. Except for being the birthplace of James Dean, what else do they got?

The Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (above, left) looks pretty hot. But New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees (right) ain't bad, either. Boy, this is a tough one...

One thing is clear, though. What in god's name happened to Carrie Underwood's "National Anthem"? It sounds as if she actually sang live—which no artist dares to do—and now we know why. She was flatter than David Beckham's stomach. Ouch. And while Underwood is a fine performer, that heinous habit that she's had since "Idol" of tapping the mic to keep the beat makes me want to club her fingers into bloody nubs.