Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kristina's Farewell Blast-Off

With my darling Kristina Tunzi headed to Los Angeles for her new job, we hosted a farewell blast-off at Central Bar in the East Village on Friday, Feb. 5—ironically this was the same location as my Fare-Thee-Well party last March, after Billboard swept me off payroll. There were a good 50 folks in attendance, including co-workers, past co-workers, industry associates and that good ole gang from Lunasa.

I have precious few photos here, but offer what I's got...After the party, against my better judgment, I accompanied a hearty bunch for karaoke at some hole in the East Village, where you rent a private room in the bowels of the building, have your own playlist and push a button on the wall to order drinks. It felt like some sleazy bordello—but in a bad way. I sang "Fame" and dueted with Sylvia Tosun on "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)." Ironically, the worst singer among the bunch: Billboard editor Bill Werde. I guess you ain't gotta be able to sing to know song. God knows I wasn't much better.