Saturday, February 27, 2010

U.S. Census Employee: Week Four

Spent the entire week in the field, as my PT temp job with the U.S. Census continues to evolve. We're still in between the greater task that will come after April 1, when questionnaires are mailed to every U.S. residence.
If you don't respond, you'll get a reminder. And then we, your dedicated federal employees, will be sent to sic you, one by one, house after house, apartment by apartment.

My role as a Crew Leader will ultimately be to supervise a handful of "enumerators," the folks that will actually be knocking on doors. I will assign addresses, check their paperwork, make sure they're fulfilling their duties and meet with them on a daily basis to collect information.

But first—and my assignment for the next couple weeks—is to walk through my immediate region in Brooklyn, to secure facilities for training those enumerators. Community centers, churches, dorms and any other neighborhood locale that will agree to lend space—free—where 20 or so new staffers can be trained.

Among the qualifications: proximity to subways and local transportation, safe and secure and well-lighted, and places close enough for meals. The training will be taking place at all hours, seven days a week, depending on what a given facility makes available.

So I'll be out and about, first marking off my list of 53 pre-screened facilities within my local zip code. The goal: at least 35 approved.

It's money, cool cats. And I'm still loving the adventure of being out and about, discovering Brooklyn. Below, some more architectural finds during the week, before snow-topia shut things down Friday.