Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brooklyn: From Downtown To DUMBO

On Thursday, Timmy ventured to BK for a full afternoon excursion, starting with a walk through downtown Brooklyn. Let's hike, shall weese?First stop: thrift shopping at Unique on Fulton Street, followed by a walk through the age-old Macy's downtown BK, which looks as though it's locked in the 1980s... The elevator bank there is a national landmark.The elevator bank, vintaged.Along Fulton Street, a la watercolored.As this truck drove past, dozens of pigeons took flight. The birds, the birds!White Castle for lunch: So damn bad it's mighty good!Next, a walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, then down to Fulton Ferry Landing into the DUMBO section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, under the Manhattan Bridge.I took a few minutes to paint a watercolor of the Manhattan Bridge, as pictured above.Never fail to see wedding couples getting photos taken down this way.
Next a walk through the LOUD nabe of DUMBO proper, where the subway passing overhead across the Manhattan Bridge is overtly annoying. How do these folks bear it—and pay $5,000 for their glamorous condos?... Here's the best view in the nabe: the iconic view of Empire State Building through a tier of Manhattan Bridge.Onward to the =new= first phase of Brooklyn Bridge Park... here, looking into Brooklyn Heights.Views of the BQE double-decker highway beneath the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.The glorious new Beekman Tower in Manhattan.A slightly different perspective...Back to the Heights, up to the rooftop for a cocktail and a stunning view at dusk.With a modicum of digital editing...With a shitload of editing.With a shitload more editing.And that's a wrap!