Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gay Progress Prompts Gruesome Violence

The natives are getting restless—and violent. As with any potentially historic cultural shift in America, those who feel their comfort level threatened raise their dukes in a combative effort to prevent cultural progress.

Forty years ago, it was America's passage toward racial equality, which led to riots and ultimately, the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, as gays strive for equality—with marriage in the spotlight (ironic, as straight marriage has hit an historic low)—hate crimes have seen a marked increase.

This week alone has been tragic for the community, first when Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi leapt to his death from the George Washington Bridge after his idiotic roommate streamed the kid's sexual encounter with another man... Three other teen suicides have since been reported due to youthful gay guilt/harassment.

Thankfully, the national media has been all over the story, while also responsibly covering Bishop Eddie Long's hypocrisy as a homophobic minister who toys with boys. Same old fucking story, but thankfully it's no longer tabloid fodder. It is indeed real news.

But what happened last weekend hits closer to home: two hate crimes in NYC gay nabes Cheslea and the West Village. Sunday, two men attacked a customer in the bathroom of the iconic Stonewall Inn—the battleground of gay rights in 1969. Two Staten Island asswipes, 21 and 17, were arrested and charged with assault/attempted robbery as a hate crime, after one of them harassed the patron at the urinal, and said, “I don’t like gay people. Don’t pee next to me," and proceeded to pummel the shit out him.

A day earlier, a group of men hugged each other good night on a Chelsea street corner, and were subsequently harassed and beaten, with a metal trashcan hurled at them. Again, a youngster, 20, was arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime.

You can read the details for yourself... Point is it's scary out there as national perceptions of gays grow increasingly comfortable, and yet those who feel most threatened—teens and early 20-somethings who are insecure about their sexuality—are increasingly resorting to serious violence. The mirror never lies, huh?