Monday, October 4, 2010

WEBBIE: Photofunia's FREE Photo Editing

Here's what happens with discovery of one of the coolest, most hilarious online digital photo editing tools I've ever seen... hours wasted amusing the shit out of myself.

Typically, The Smoking Nun utilizes iPhoto for everyday cropping, recoloring and editing. Our collages come courtesy of Picasa, a Google-affiliated application; with some occasional additional bling provided by webbie

Today, via, I discovered a wondrous new resource offering countless themed tools. Among them: free digital photo editing sites. That led me to, a free site that is more fun than Christmas and your mamer's wardrobe combined.

I spent hours laughing my tookus off, as I plugged in my face to an endless array of scenes, the best of which I share below. Registration is free, no download tools required and Mac-friendly, too.Note David Beckham's abdominal tattoo!Not sure which I'm more excited about: my hot bod or my fab hairline. Yowsah!Trixmoose at the Tate Gallery!From top left: line drawing, a la Wall Street Journal, vintage effect, watercolor; sketch, gold-leaf frame and encore of line drawing, cause I love it that much.Note the dress is all Chuckles. Top: boardroom prez, below: "Pirates of Brooklyn."Hot guys! Ayhan in Speedo, Leonard with abs and Timmy as slacker getting arrested.Mae Mae as Lulu, and with this ring, I thee commit to a non-traditional relationship.Yes, that really is kinda sorta my face. Egads!Don't mess with Myhan!And finally, my god, I am practically spitting on the laptop here...