Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend In Washington!

When I graduated from college in the mid-1980s, I high-tailed it out of Lynchburg and headed for the more urbane pastures of Northern Virginia, where I lived for the next 11 years. This past weekend I returned to Washington for the first time in almost six years—and it was one big sentimental throw-down, as I looked back with love and remembered so many firsts during my 20s. The bus dropped me off in Chinatown, which was once a scary place to walk. Now, it looks like a miniature Times Square, with lights, screens, theaters, trendy restaurants... and people!I walked through Logan and Thomas Circles... Where have all the prostitutes gone?"The P Street House," locale of much frivolity and debauchery during my 20s. Now it looks like a proud, staunch museum, renovated to perfection. If those walls could talk...Dupont Circle, the scene of so many "firsts" for me, as I came out of the closet and discovered life on the other side.Mr. P's, the first gay bar I ever entered, seduced by Madonna's "Into the Groove." Now a Moroccan restaurant.Friends bar... now an Asian fusion restaurant...Peoples Drug Store in the mid-1980s... same view of today's CVS.The beautiful fountain, unchanged.The Fireplace and State Liquors... not only do they look the same, but Fireplace smells like it hasn't been scrubbed down in 25 years.I met Teddy for happy hour at 5 p.m. Friday at Omega... formerly Frat House... joined by Ro Ro and Teddy's main squeeze Tom.Dupont Circle fountain by night...And the ever-majestic Lincoln Memorial, as Ro and I drive to National Airport to pick up Moxie, arriving from Boulder.Moxie Moose in the house! With Ro, meese and Ro's squeeze Bill.Saturday morn: Now we can see Ro's new condo in Alexandria.Brunch in da house, before I head to Del Ray Alexandria for....The 9th annual Chili Cook-off with my dear longtime pal La, whom I've now known for more than 20 years.Bobby, another bud from those golden D.C. days. We share the same birthday... and year.The affair was like an old-fashioned block party. Good, clean fun.The hotties of Del Ray...On Sunday, Mox, Ro and meese returned to Dupont Circle... beautiful day to walk around the city.
Long gone, but a Washington landmark.Gorgeous, eh?
Geeks on wheels!
The new World War II Memorial on the Washington Mall.
The phallic Washington Monument...Lincoln by day... and that's a wrap. Great weekend to reminisce and to create many new memories.