Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Minnie Driver

When I met Minnie Driver in late 2007, she was in the midst of her Emmy/Golden Globe-nominated run in FX's phenomenal series "The Riches," so I was madly in love with the actress—making it a natural for me to review her single "Beloved," which I deemed "convincing sonic solace with graceful soft-sell vocals and a devotional lyric. 'Beloved' makes Sunday morn a little sunnier."

When she showcased her vocal wares at Joe's Pub in August, not only did her label offer me an invite, but a backstage how-do (with Ayhan and our Brooklyn Heights nabe and Minnie fan Mario and his now ex-wife).

She was a fun ride: easy smile, gracious and teeming with magnetic star power. And now... she's 41!