Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fredly Rings In The New Yearly

You didn't really think Ryan Seabreast does all that talking without every word being scripted, right? Whether "American Idol," "E!" or, in this case, "New Year's Rockin' Eve" on ABC-TV, he is the ultimate talking head: Feed words, add impish toothy grin and boom, star status. Boy, the U.S. is dumb, huh?

Obviously, somebody is charged with writing all those sentences for the boy wonder, and in the case of New Year's, for many years, even while Dick Clark was still the pro at the mic, that's been my multi-talented scribe pal Fredly.

He returned to New York last week—arriving on Christmas Day, just before the 20.2-inch blizzard struck—to do his duty for the world at large... and for lil' Ryan, scripting the annual New Year's Eve show. On Saturday, Jan. 1, Ayhan, Fredly and meese dined, joined by our mutual pal Nick Michell, a la "Idol's" Norman Gentle.