Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Times Square, January 1, 2011

Snow, what snow? Party? There was a party here?

After more than one ton of confetti adorned Times Square at midnight on New Year's Eve, the sanitation department was out en masse within the hour, and by dawn, had the radius swept cleaner than a baby's bottom.Well before Friday nights festivities, there wasn't a flake of snow left in Times Square, while much of the city remained partially buried under the 20.2-inch blizzard from the previous Sunday. Thus, that would be pavement below on Saturday afternoon—not black ice—as temps blessedly climbed into the 40s over the weekend.
Usher and Michael Jackson perform in Times Square... it's just another day, huh?...Sigh... Christmas decorations: A final view for 2010...Saturday night... Indeed, it looks like business as usual...Aha, but wait!! There was a party here last night. I knew it!...Times Square cleanup pics: christiNYCa