Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Idol' Season 11: A Chorus Of Zzzzz's

For all the media hoopla last year surrounding the exit of Simon Cowell and debut of new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, you'd think "American Idol" was still primo water cooler chatter. Frankly, I didn't even realize the 10th season had begun—and America seems to share my lack of interest in the dog-tired "reality" show.

National ratings show significant drops in the new season's first two episodes over last year, which launched Wednesday, Jan. 19, with a two-hour episode, followed by an hour on Thursday. An average of 26.23 million viewers tuned in—albeit making it the most-watched entertainment program this season—however, the audience was the smallest for a season premiere since 2002, and down 12.4% from the 2010 season bow.

The alleged authenticity of the show is long past, while last season's parade of mediocre talent did little to bring viewers back. Remember Lee DeWyze, last year's winner? Me neither.