Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MeatWater: Some Products Should Never Make It Past The Idea Stage

Ironic that Taco Bell is being sued because there's scarcely any meat in its tacos (below), as a line of "dinner in a bottle" is amping its presence in the marketplace. Krautkramer's MeatWater. Now there's an idea whose time should have never come.

Cheeseburger through a straw? "Store it cool but drink it warm." Okay, I'm already spitting up a little on the keyboard... Other fun flavors: chicken, salmon, beef and shrimp salad, beef jerkey, chicken teriyaki, wiener schnitzel, fish'n chips, stuffed quail, pork hocks and the absolute most vile: haggis, fried oysters and pizza prosciutto.

The company postures about its protein-sopped drinks," "MeatWater provides the essence of nutrition and the memory of dining without the hassle of eating. People don't have time to google, walk their dogs, or stop their workflow simply to take in a meal. Successful people today are demanding the next generation of efficiency and luxury, and our innovative lifetool provides that for such an elite consumer."

Wonder how elite that consumer will feel hugging the toilet all night after a couple MeatWaters. I really thought this was a joke. Lord have mercy.