Monday, January 24, 2011

Perez Claims Giamatti Charging $5 For Starfucker Pics... Uh-Uh

According to gruesome blogger Perez Hilton, Paul Giamatti is charging fans 5 bucks to have a grab-and-grin picola taken with the Brooklyn Heights resident, after his Golden Globe win a week ago for Best Actor in the film "Barney's Vision."

Hilton writes that Giamatti apparently refused to pose for photos with fans after his win, "unless they forked over $5! WTF?! Seriously?! This seems pretty low! A source reveals: 'At first they thought he was joking. Then he says he's serious, so the guy gives him a ten dollar bill and snaps the photos with his camera phone.'"

When I met the dude inside the elevator—just the two of us—heading to the R subway train in February 2009, he certainly seemed awkward when I asked for a starfucker photo, but he did relent. The conversation went like this:

CT: Paul, everyone I know in the neighborhood always talks about seeing you. [He lives in Brooklyn Heights]. Now I can, too.
PG: Yeah.
CT: Do you mind if we take a picture together?... I'm Chuck [shake hands]
PG: Paul.
CT: Ready?
PG: No. [Click/flash!]
CT: That wasn't so bad, was it?
Poor guy. He's obviously not one who enjoys soaking up celebrity. Obviously, I am.