Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Herman Cain's Serial Lies At Last Cook The Pizza-Flipping Homophobe

I can think of few folks that deserve to implode in a heap of hypocrisy more than social conservative Republican prez hopeful Herman Cain.

It appears his serial lies finally caught up to him after allegations Tuesday that he cheated on his wife for 13 years with a single woman—buying her gifts, taking her on trips and plenty of sexual impropriety—demonstrating that he's lower on the moral compass than the gays he persistently condemns.

In the past, the pizza-making owner of Godfather's has said that homosexuality is a sin and a choice, flip-flopping his stance under pressure from religious groups in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. His views are a textbook connect-the-dots read from the Jerry Falwell book of fear and loathing.

Since he began gaining momentum during the endless series of G.O.P. debates, Cain has proved time and again that he has little knowledge of national policies or international affairs, with no solutions in mind for the nation's ongoing Second Great Depression. It's hard to guess what he truly believes in, other than a steady spew of Bible thumping and proclaiming the holy word of Jesus.

I cannot wait for this haughty blowhard to step off the platform and retreat in shame. And if his wife has any pride, she'll be filing for a big fat divorce settlement just in time for Christmas.