Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lynchburg Holiday Hijinks: Guess Which Two Houses I Grew Up In

It's time to play Guess Which Two Houses I Grew Up In, cool cats! I'm back in my hometown of Lynchburg, Va., to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, and drove around today to see a few favorite haunts: among them, the house that I was born into and the second that I lived in from age 4 until post-college. Now it's your turn for some holiday hijinks: Which among these Lynchburg houses do youse think I occupied?









And the answers are:

A: Appreciate the vote for mobile living, but that would be a no.

B: While I love this 200-year-old farmhouse on the campus of Virginia Episcopal School, sadly this is no longer a home, but a campus facility. Nope, not mine.

C: Lawnmower in the front yard, converted log cabin. Come on, I'm not that southern!

D: Score! My parents built this home in 1966, and I moved in just before my 5th birthday. Back then (below) it was neither white nor landscaped to look like a jungle...
E: Don't I wish... a beautiful manse along Lynchburg's Peakland Place.

F: Score! My parents moved into this house (below) in 1954, four years after they were married. My brother Chris was born in 1959 & I came along in '62. We stayed here until we moved to D.
G: New money. A lovely millennial house, but who are you kidding?

H: I not only admired this classic mansion as a kid—which was a couple blocks from D, but my friend Marianne and I used to break into the then-deserted home and play house.