Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Are Men Gay? The Answer Revealed (Again): Rodiney Santiago

One year ago, on Nov. 12, 2010, I posted an innocent enough post titled "Here's Why Men Are Gay: Rodiney Santiago," with some of the earliest pictures of our Smoking Nun Sexiest Man Alive. Since, that post has gotten more than 7,000 views—obviously because of Google searches of "Why are men gay?" though, of course, I'd rather believe it has anything to do with my pithy writing and overt skill at neatly arranging words... you betcha!

So let's tempt fate again, shall we, with the latest picolas of dear Rodiney, who, 12 months later, remains at the top of the mountain in terms of perfection: with those beautiful brown eyes, full lips, dark hair, consummate bod, Brazilian accent, sweet demeanor... and a lower half that is as enticing as a good steak and baked potato, gay-style. Ruff!