Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NASA Tosses Away $2.5 Billion To Find Out If Mars' Rock Is Breathing

Just when I thought we'd finally disassembled the frivolous space exploration missions of NASA, I'm reading something so preposterous, you'd think it was adolescent science fiction: The big-toys-for-big-boys organization is spending a magnanimous $2.5 billion for a cute little rover to roam around Mars.
The car-sized nuclear-powered vehicle, named Curiosity, has a 7-foot arm with a jackhammer and laser to crunch through Martian red rock. Tee hee, how fun! Its oh-so-relevant mission: to learn "whether Mars has or ever had what it takes to nurture microbial life."

Whoopee, I can hardly wait! But then again, it looks like I'll have to: It will take Curiosity nine months to reach Mars once it launches Saturday. The trip is a total of 354 million miles. At least the feds stopped funding the organization's silly long-winded road trips in July.