Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lynchburg: The Spirit Of Giving... At Walmart

No trip to America's heartland is complete without a festive journey to the local Walmart. I had a short shopping list and a fairly quick traipse through the aisles, but fulfilled my holiday dreams: New undershirts! AA batteries! Cute red & yellow ketchup & mustard squeeze bottles! A long-needed new blowdryer! Peanut butter crackers! A man of simple tastes (and limited resources) is obviously easy to please. I love you, Wallymart...
 Below... It's a holly jolly undergarment!
Who in god's name needs to cook anything from scratch anymore? Of course, this aisle also explains why America's collective waist size is 48...

My favorite destination: "Kid's" cereal! Sugar! Mmm, mmm, good!
Here, generic cereal packed in bags as big as bulk dog food. Actually, this is slightly repulsive.
Oh my heavens, look! They still sell these cute little music collections... compact discs, I believe they were called. How retro!