Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend In The City: BK, Central Park, Andy Warhol, Fifth Ave, et al!

After Donna Mae Moose and I visited Jane's Carousel Saturday morning, and before we reached the New York Public Library at dusk—and obviously before Sunday's visit to Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay—we had a packed Saturday, first venturing across the DUMBO section of Brooklyn Bridge Park... where we saw One World Trade Center continuing to rise into the sky... Join us, yes?
We then took the subway into the city, which was fit-filled, considering that most of the lines were either not serving BK-NYC or were rerouted to god knows where... So while we meant to end up on Fifth Avenue, we were deposited at Columbus Circle, at the entrance to Central Park. Serendipity, much?
Who the hell can walk with so many alternative modes of transportation... none with motors...
Skaters at play...
Next, southward to Fifth Avenue to the new Uniqo flagship clothing store at 53rd... and the prequil of Christmas store windows...
God, so many damn tourists... This is for the birds...
Again, spontaneous opportunity, as Mae Mae and I walked into one of the last NYC street fairs of the season. She bought five I LOVE NYC t-shirts for 10 bucks. I scored, too. Uh, I bought a razor holder for the shower. Sexy! Best: We both had roasted corn, draped in butter and salt... and we saw your diddy riding down the street. He shouted out, "Hey, girl!" as he whisked by to score more hooch.
Eleven blocks later, Grand Central Station... That's Donna grinning in the right picola two below.
Next came Boxer's Lounge in Chelsea... It simply wouldn't be fair for Donna not to experience the hottest bartenders in NYC, right?
At this point, again, there was kinda sorta no way to get back to Brooklyn without some creative navigation... which led us to fave fab retailer Fish's Eddy... and then to the Andy Warhol Monument in Union Square.
That reminded Mae—a smart and faithful reader of The Smoking Nun—of my D.C. pal Laura's visit to NYC in July, where we indulged in nearby Beauty Bar's $10 martini & a manicure. Onward!
After we finally remembered to take a photo together, it was homeward bound for din din... followed by Sunday's excursion to Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay with Leo... That evening, at dusk, we headed to the rooftop of my building First, of course, I realized how desperately I need a haircut (above, egads!)... but more urgently, we saw the most magnificent sunset I can remember... It literally evolved minute by minute, becoming more beautiful with every passing tick of the second hand.
Back in the apartment, Donna and Leo played with the sweet babies Abby and Spencer, while we cooked din din—Moose's potato soup and my cheese ravioli with red sauce and fresh sesame bread—and watched the intense, dark, sexy 2010 version of Dorian Gray—the third time I've watched the flick.

And then, following Leo's exit... I can't imagine why... after peddling on foot some four miles in one day, getting an early start Sunday and pushing pushing pushing at a New York pace... suddenly, Donna Moose seemed to simply... expire. Can you imagine?
See you soon, my dear friend!!