Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tough Turkey: I Don't Mean To Crash The Party, But...

Tough Turkey: In 1932, pictured above during one of the first Macy's Day parades—in the midst of the First Great Depression—the nation's unemployment rate was a whopping 23.6%. In 2011, 80 years later, the Second Great Depression's unemployment rate has been locked at 9.1%  all year, and 8+% since 2008.

More than 14 million Americans are without jobs this Thanksgiving, some of us for years, searching week after month for opportunities that simply don't exist. As you can clearly see in the Yahoo! poll from Tuesday at the right, I am hardly alone.

I am thankful for many of the simple things that continue to be good in life as we collide with another holiday season... most of all, friends & family, decent health and having a secure home... but I'm sure hoping the big picture is sunnier in 2012. For a year that has been burdened with unforeseen challenges and life-altering disappointments, unfortunately, a steaming bird and a plate full of mashed potatoes are merely a nice momentary distraction. Life marches on.