Thursday, April 26, 2012

At Last... Sheena Easton's Live Performance Of 'Still Willing To Try'

In 1987, Sheena Easton appeared on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show, and performed "Strut" live, which has been available on YouTube for years. She also performed the only known live version of "Still Willing To Try," a consummate love ballad that appeared on her 1988 eighth studio album No Sound But A Heart.

Unfortunately, that project spelled the end of her contract with EMI, which released launch single "Eternity," written by Prince, and then... the LP was shelved in the U.S. until many years later. So not only did it take years for me to own the song that enchanted me on Johnny Carson, but it was never released as a single, becoming a deserved hit among Sheena's catalog.

Meanwhile, I've searched long and hard for a video clip of that live performance of "Still Willing To Try" on The Tonight Show and at last... thanks to my buddy "Mike Easton," it appeared on his Sheena blog Wednesday. The quality is horrendous (and you have to let it buffer before playing)... but it's wondrous to see—and to utilize technology to convert it into an MP3. Sweet love! *