Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daily Feature On The Smoking Nun: You Tell Me

Why do I blog? Foremost, it's to keep my writing skills razor sharp and to prompt me to stay up to date on everything about pop culture on the webbie. It's also become a portal for photography, which has grown increasingly gratifying since I purchased a Nikon digital SLR late last year.

I manage to attract between 400 and 500 hits a day, from all over the world (easy enough to see via the right-hand add-on gadgets). In that, of course, I want to make The Smoking Nun a constantly evolving blog that remains entertaining, interesting and perhaps compelling enough to check a few times a week. So I ask you, cool cats: What do you want to see as a daily feature over coffee and crumpets each morning?

For the last several months, I've had a blast with the New York Vintage Image of the Day... 84 in all. Before that, it was birthdays of celebs I've met and some of the stories behind them: the Starfucker Series.

Now it's up to you. I've posted a poll on the top right column allowing you to vote on a daily feature that will bring you back to the Nun... So what will it be? More NYC Vintage? A Male Model A Day? My take on Radio and Records? Or something I've not even considered?

I encourage you to add your comments to the bottom of this post, in addition to casting your vote. That said, if I end up with fewer than 100 votes by the end of the month, I'll recognize that no one is really paying attention after all—that the blog traffic really is all about William Levy and Rodiney Santiago's hot bods. I'll weep quietly... and then keep on keeping on. Thanks in advance for the input.