Monday, April 23, 2012

Pew Research: It's The Economy, Stupid

In case Evangelical Republicans think they're going to win the fall 2012 general election by demanding that Mitt Romney denounce gays, deriding abortion rights and decreeing that birth control is "public" policy, think again...

A Pew Report issued last week makes it clear that Americans care about the economy and creating jobs more than any "social issues" that radical conservatives keep hammering home. Now that they've lost their candidate of choice, the homophobic, racist, anti-women Rick Santorum, supposed Christian zealots somehow believe that Romney gives a shit about their fringe beliefs.

I believe it's pretty clear to most clear thinkers that Mitt is going to indulge all G.O.P. viewpoints just long enough to nail the Republican nomination, and then, with good sense, he will hastily dismiss the rabid hate that continues to dominate the discussion from those who allege Jesus has anything to do with healing this crippled nation.

On the other hand, if Obama should win the Presidential Election in November, will his "evolving position" on Civil Rights for gays at last "come out" in support of same-sex marriage? His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been a fearless advocate for gay equality. With nothing to lose, I hope to god that Obama will at last demand a national requiem for equality for all Americans. *
(Thanks to The Randy Report for the tip.)