Monday, April 16, 2012

Zac Efron's 'The Lucky One': This Preview Makes It Look Bearable

The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron and some chick named Taylor Schilling, launches nationwide in theaters this weekend. The story, based on a best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks sounds like a major snore: Marine Zac travels to North Carolina after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for an unknown woman... that would be Taylor, who's not a man... that he is convinced was some sort of good luck charm during the war, all because he found her picture or something on the back of a playing card. Man, this Marine needs some meds, stat!

Not only does it sound sappy, but war movies where people's legs are getting blown off aren't exactly my idea of a date flick... no matter how cute or buffed up Efron is. Then again, a look at the hilarious "censored" preview from webbie Funny Or Die here offers some potential for redemption. *