Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Robin Gibb Remains In A Coma | Gravely Ill

Bee Gees pop legend Robin Gibb remains in a coma, amid fears he has only days to live. The 62-year-old's family, including his wife Dwina, are at his bedside. Gibb has been battling colon and liver cancer and was recently hospitalized with pneumonia. Robin's twin brother Maurice died of complications resulting from a twisted intestine in 2003, at age 53.

How terribly sad. Many of the Bee Gees disco hits were among my first faves as a pre-teen. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Robin & Maurice at a radio station event in the early 1990s in D.C.; and also worked on a 30-year anniversary special for Billboard in 2007, where I had the grandiose pleasure of a phoner with Barry. I also saw the three of them perform at a WKTU NYC extravaganza, as well as the taping of a Bee Gees VH1 special. *