Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matt Zarley's New Single & Video: 'Trust Me'

One of our consistent fave artists Matt Zarley has released a new single and video for "Trust Me" from his stellar album Change Begins With Me. The music clip features a remix by Cahill (Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis) about a fictional sweater-vest-wearing GOP Presidential candidate who gets caught in a hot tub with his male lover—while his all-knowing wife enjoys the fruits of his political success.

It's certainly not out of the realm of the many homophobic Republicans we've seen over the years who hide their pathetic homo tendencies behind a veil of hatred, right? (And likewise, whose wives turn the other way, because the ride is just too bountiful to resist.)

The storyboard, in a nutshell: When video footage of GOP Prez candidate "Matt Zarley" surfaces showing him at a '70s party making out with a sexy younger man, he miraculously recognizes that coming out from his faux marriage and a life of lies makes him a braver man. In the finale, America embraces his honesty and—eureka—elects its first openly gay president!

The video, directed by Benjamin Pollock and choreographed by Benjamin Allen, is a blast, with its era-ripened facial hair, furry chested men, disco balls, Playboy bunnies and hot tub... not to mention it's sexy as all get out. See it below, or here on YouTube.

"Trust Me," written by Matt, Mark Picchiotti and Joe Hurt, is already scaling the European dance chart, catapulting from No. 30 to No. 7 in two weeks. It was also a standout at the recent White Party in 2002, while Matt is scheduled to perform at numerous Pride festivals this summer and will the closing act of Broadway Bares at Fire Island this June.

“Trust Me,” is the third single from Matt’s CD Change Begins With Me. He was my No. 1 Male Artist for 2011, with three singles in the year-end countdown: No. 9's "WTF," No. 17's "Forgive Me (For Not Forgiving You)" and "Change Begins With Me" at No. 26. Check out mattzarley.com for more. *