Saturday, April 21, 2012

William Levy... Now That's What I Call A Workout

Following William Levy's triumphant return during Latin Week on Dancing With The Stars—where he scored 29/30—our Sexiest Man Alive is hard at work practicing for Motown week with partner Cheryl Burke... Meanwhile, he continues to garner a flood of English-language and TV press... amazing considering that his breakout in the States comes amid the 14th season of a well-traveled reality show. The wearisome American Idol should be so lucky...

Actually, a look at this season's ratings for DWTS reveals that it is not only maintaining its popularity, but growing, despite being so long in the tooth—which I, in all seriousness, credit Will Levy for. While the ABC series has made him a breakout sex symbol in mainstream America, he has also stirred new-found excitement for the show as its "undiscovered" star... quite a contrast to its usual menu of C-level has-beens like Marie Osmond, Kirstie Allie or Melissa Gilbert.

Monday's two-hour Latin Week competition, April 16, finished as the night's most-watched TV program, soaring to the top of its time slot for the fifth straight week and beating runner-up NBC reality competition The Voice by 6.4 million viewers.  In addition, the dance competition ranked No. 1 in the slot with women 25-54, second with women 18-49 and making ABC the No. 2 broadcaster with teens 12-17 and kids 2-11. So sorry, no ratings are available on the break-out of the gay audience... but trust me, we were all tuned in to see Will's abs and radiant smile.

Meanwhile, Tuesday's "Results Show" April 17 fostered an audience of 13.8 million, making it the most-watched TV show in its slot for the fourth week running, while trumping its unscripted competition on NBC with an increase of 5 million viewers from the week before and up 4.4 million from the week previous.  

DWTS was Tuesday’s No. 2 TV show overall on any network, behind only NCIS. Tell me that Levy is not fueling such a phenomenon. Obviously, the couple of People proves without a doubt that he is destined to become a major Hollywood star. And to think, a few months ago, I was wholly irritated that he turned down a role in the ensemble Magic Mike film. Who'd have known then that a damn reality show would become William Levy's vehicle to stardom in the States?

Let's just hope that he has the juice—and the judges have the gumption—to keep Will on top of the competition. Because let's face it: As soon as he exits, it's the end of the ratings juggernaut. I, for one, will never watch the show again, simply enough. Consider me gay Everyman. And believe me, reading so many queer blogs, you better believe we're tuning in just to catch a twice-weekly healthy dose of the Sexiest Man Alive. *

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Below, ABC News talks about how DWTS gets its competitors in great shape. William is interviewed, saying that he's already lost 10 pounds during the competition. I'm more concerned that he continues to lose his shirt, actually... *
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DON'T MISS THE SMOKING NUN'S SUB-BLOG WILLIAM LEVY ULTIMATE FANS, the most comprehensive English-language WILLIAM LEVY fan site on the Internet!