Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Survey Says: Facebook Makes You An Idiot

A new study reveals that if you're between 16 and 40, Facebook could be making you a paranoid idiot. Baltimore’s Sheppard Pratt commissioned a study that says among 600 people surveyed, 51% reported that seeing photos of themselves on Facebook "makes them more body-conscious and 32% feel sad comparing Facebook photos of themselves to their friend’s photos."

Altogether now: Oh, waaaaaah. Dr. Steven Crawford, associate director of the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt offers, "On Facebook they are actively comparing their photos to their friends; 44% feel they have to be camera ready whenever they go out in public—if their picture ends up getting taken it will be okay if it ends up on Facebook."

Mind you, the survey also reports that 75% of those surveyed are already unhappy with their bodies, which means the entire study is a bunch of bunk. "Crawford recommends taking a break from Facebook if you can’t escape feelings of jealousy and sadness," the report says. The Smoking Nun adds, stop eating so many fucking cheese fries and chocolate cupcakes if you're so envious of your lean friends. Good god. *