Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why All This Norman Gentle Stuff?

Wondering why I am continually posting updates on Norman Gentle, cool cats? You see, I'm a huge fan... that is, of my partner Ayhan, who has been working like a mad dog for 10 years to gain traction in the music biz, producing, recording and writing with indefatigable dedication.

He's released a handful of CDs with the stellar Karine Hannah, as well as Jose Promis, Matt Zarley and Mitch Zorba, while producing full albums for Adam Shenk, his own DNA (with partner Dennis DelGaudio), and collaborating with the likes of Emre Yilmaz, Sertab Erener, Sezen Aksu, Sandra Bernhard, Melba Moore, Tinatin, "American Idols" Anthony Fedorov, Jon Peter Lewis, Vonzell Solomon... on and on. He also launched his own indie label, Young Pals Records International.

Ten years, waiting for the click. For some semblance of a payoff that goes beyond personal satisfaction. Ayhan's spirit never wanes; he continues to be the most dedicated, disciplined individual I know.

So when a surreal lunch took place last October, arranged by pal Fred Bronson—with Ayhan, Dennis and me, along with "Idols" Kimberley Locke and Diana DeGarmo, Norman (a.k.a Nick Mitchell)... and Neil Sedaka thrown in for good measure—which led to the alliance of Norman Gentle and DNA, it was a match made in melodic heaven.

They've all been good for each other: Nick parlayed his comic genius into a burgeoning recording artist; while Ayhan and Dennis had the chance to work with an act whose fan base is established—to extend his acclaim, while hopefully establishing theirs.

With the addition of Ghia, who entered as a lyricist and energized into an all-round brain trust, Team Gentle fell into place—with one element missing: a crackerjack writer who could put all progress into words via press releases and a persistently updated webbie for Norm. Well, I'll be, that'd be me.

So this is truly a labor of love. And it's a blast to have Ayhan at last tickling at the success he's tirelessly worked toward. The road is still long, there are of course no guarantees, but the attention Nick-o's first single "Brit Slap!"/"Bitch Slap" has achieved already is mighty and gratifying... and the story is building day by day: Having his phenomenally produced, good-time music video for "Brit Slap!" launch on Yahoo! Music Friday was another high.

Yes, high times. It's about time. Congratulations, Myhan.

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