Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fool's: Here We Snow Again

So much for those cute crocuses and sweet daffodils I saw on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade this morning. By this weekend, they'll be iced. According to the National Weather Service, a snowstorm is headed to New York Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

"This is going to come in two waves," meteorologist Tim Morrin says. First, "blurry cold rain will hit after midnight," followed by a "substantial storm." While no real accumulation is expected, it will be miserable enough to wonder why the Northeast even bothers calling March 21 Spring, with the rest of the country.

Mind you, the "normal" high for this time of year is about 55 degrees... which always makes me chuckle, since I have yet to recall a single March over the past 15 years that has reached so-called "normal."

ADDENDUM: Fortunately, as usual, the weather bureau was wrong!