Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miami: Oh Yeah, There's A Beach, Too

During my final hours in South Beach, I realized I hadn't even taken a glance at the ocean... you know, that vast body of water that most people come to Miami for.

It was real pretty, though I looked like an uber dork in long black jeans, shoes, socks and shirt. At least I got a hint of a tan at Syl and Anton's party Wednesday. Building below is where Ayhan and I fantasize about buying our condo. Three years ago, these brand new units were in the $3 million range. Now, with the Depression ongoing in Miami, perhaps I could make a more reasonable bid... how's $200,000 sound for an oceanfront view?
Boys on the beach...
Fun, sun and sand. The first two sound appealing, anyway. Not a big fan of the latter.
More boys on the boardwalk.