Friday, March 11, 2011

GenBlog5: Monday, Jan 10, Day One!

My god, at last, six months after sending a random email to the producers of HGTV's "Dear Genevieve," our bedroom makeover begins today! I have told barely a handful of allies about our good fortune, fearing that I might jinx it, but consistently I'm referring to it as if we've won the lottery.

At this point, I've been Tivo'ing every episode of "Genevieve" over the last three seasons, studying them and seeing her show evolve. Originally, each show began with a written "letter," begging for help, but as the show has developed its persona and gained traction, I've noticed that the home videos and pleas have dissipated, and it's become more like HGTV's typical makeover shows... for the better.

I had a restless night, waking constantly and eying our "dysfunctional bedroom" (as one of the producers termed it!), fantasizing about how it might be transformed in just one week. I've watched so many of these shows on HGTV and am amazed that people wear the most atrocious clothes... casual as if they weren't aware they are appearing on national television. So last night I actually laid out a week's worth of potential outfits. Ayhan rolled his eyes and giggled at me. Prep, baby! This show could live on for years, so do I really want to wear overalls and a tank top, like some of the losers I see? Not a chance.

A scant production crew arrived at 8 a.m. Monday, producer Brie and an assistant, and we're told the schedule is already off-kilter. The previous week's show in Long Island was waylaid because it snowed 7 inches last Friday, and that episode's "reveal" was moved to today... meaning we're already delayed. We sit and wait... wait... wait...

Just before 3 p.m., we're told that Genevieve is on the way, so we take Abby & Spencer up to neighbor Julia's apartment (Gen is apparently not a big fan of pets onscreen) and inform nabes Michael & family, who have lent us their apartment for her make-up prep, that her presence is imminent... At last Genevieve arrives, and immediately puts Ayhan and me at ease. She's charming, has a gracious smile, offers her signature laugh often and easily and seems totally low stress.With cameras rolling, we walk through the apartment, talking about previous renovations we've made in the kitchen, bathroom and office, and how living room and bedroom re-do's were canceled after I got laid off nearly two years ago (this latter fact is thankfully omitted from the show).

And that's a wrap for the day. Fast and furious, if not a slight bit disappointing that no demolition has begun. But at least the first filming is a blast; comfortable and fun. No nerves. And clearly, the best is yet to come.