Monday, March 14, 2011

Las Vegas: Ooh La La @ Wynn/Encore

Sunday evening, after picking up Fredly at the airport in our cute little blue bug of a rental car, we checked into the Hilton Grand Vacations on Las Vegas Boulevard, then drove up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

Leonard hasn't been to Vegas in more than 45 years! Safe to say it's changed a might.

We three then dined at the Wynn Hotel and walked through its sister extension Encore. Lots of purple, tons of red...Fredly and meese at ParosolDown...Fredly and Leo overlooking the stunning waterfall inside ParosolDown.
Doink. Self-portrait of Leo and meese.From ParosolUp.... looking down into, uh, ParasolDown.Flowers, vegetation, flora, foliage... everywhere. Living, even!Crystal-lighted peacock in the Wynn. Cock-a-doodle-la-la!