Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now At Your Supermarket: Spotted Dick!

What the... Roaming the aisles of the Union Square Food Emporium in NYC, I came across quite a curious item in the World Foods aisle. Spotted, uh, Dick. As much as the name makes me giggle like a 9-year-old, the actual descriptor of the contents of the can is enough to make one gag. Ready?

Spotted Dick is a pudding made of steamed suet (that's raw beef or mutton fat, particularly the hard fat found around the loins and kidneys) containing dried currants, commonly served with custard.

Spotted refers to the dried fruit, which is spotted (eww), while Dick either has something to do with a take on the word "pudding" or "dough" or from the German word "dicht," which means thick... This is becoming more disgusting by the syllable.

The food product was first served in 1850. The fact that anyone might eat this shit in 2011 is unthinkable... Sort of reminds me of the Cock Soup I found at a 99-cent store in Brooklyn last November. I can't imagine why.