Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Top Three Hottest Dudes At SOBE Party

Let's call it sport, shall we? Hunting for the hottest guys at the Sylvia Tosun/Tom Lord-Alge party and snapping a few picolas... Wait, who said stalking? Did I hear someone say stalking? How rude.

In any case, here's our No. 1 pic for the sexiest dude at Wednesday's festivities...Great teeth, perfect hair, unpretentious, looks a-ok in his britches... This handsome fellow works for Sea To Sun in some capacity. I chatted with him briefly, and he was wholly friendly.No. 2: Hot Latin guy. The whole meat market appeal... and grade-A prime choice, I must say. Machismo oozing from every pore.No. 3: Total cliche of the hot gay Latin muscleman. Beautiful brown eyes, great teeth and a healthy upper torso, eh? Well done!This is quite gauche, I admit. So as long as we're determined to be crude, how about a couple runners up?