Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celine Dion's Parade Of Positive Press

In addition to the best reviews of her career, Celine Dion is splashed across the cover of countless publications this week, including French magazines and Vegas weeklies. She's also appeared in Newsweek, USA Today and numerous dailies. Suddenly, the press corps has decided that she's not only one of the greatest singers alive, but the savior of Vegas' flailing economy. Better late than never...Two things always seemed to be a big problem for Celine Dion: Most of her music, at least the English-language pop, was pretty crappy (and) she wasn't really 40 yet. Both of those issues are happily cured in the singer's return to Caesars Palace.

The first and last 20 minutes or so cover essential ground, familiar to loyals and devotees of her previous Colosseum showcase. The surprising part comes in the middle, when the star ventures off the beaten path to offer a song list so diverse there's something for everyone to like, from Ella Fitzgerald to Michael Jackson.

Dion now wears a sequined ball gown as well as she does the slightest of age lines revealed in giant screen close-ups. How many other stars look better in their 40s than in the videos of their 20s projected on panels right beside them?

Dion always managed to connect with fans through her own effusive charm... Now that personality is unobstructed. After the big reveal of an endless white scrim plummeting to the massive stage, the tasteful production... serves more to reinforce the musicality.

If this showcase represents the mature Celine, hopefully a return trip in a year or so will reveal that the journey continues; that, like the boys she's so proud of, she hasn't stopped growing.