Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ever-Grimacing NYC Gayor Michael Bloomberg Gets Gross In Broadway Drag

Well at least he didn't don a dress—in public, that is. Closeted NYC Gayor For Life Michael Bloomberg, whose three terms have been a persistent tirade on civil rights, appeared Saturday night at the Inner Circle, an annual event hosted by City Hall reporters, who put on skits roasting politicians they cover.Bloomie spoofed the belabored, wildly expensive "Spider-man" Broadway musical, wearing grotesque tights—apropos, given the fact that the gayor bought his third term for $110 million and is now in the depths of public approval ratings, which have sunk as low as 39% in some NYC boroughs.

He also dressed up in bell bottoms and a wig to spoof "Mamma Mia!" Again, a winning reference to the closeted, ever-grimacing Dancing Queen.