Saturday, March 5, 2011

HGTV's 'Dear Genevieve': One Hour To Go...

Sixty minutes and counting... I'm starting to get a lil jiggy here. Natch, things started going all askew this morning. First, Tivo wouldn't change channels, a potential major catastrophe. It turns out that while cleaning the living room, I hit the channel-changing mechanism... which took me two hours to figure out.

Then, as I watched HGTV all day to make sure they didn't announce some horrifying replacement for tonight's "Dear Genevieve" at 8 p.m., the picture started freezing. Argh! I switched from HD to analog and that seemed to remedy the problem.

And now, guest cancellations have begun piling up, dammit. Alas, more cheese puffs for me. Let the games begin!