Friday, April 1, 2011

Andy Warhol Extends 15 Minutes (Again) With NYC Statue

On Wednesday, New York City welcomed a new public art work in the heart of Union Square, before hundreds of onlookers. The 10-foot Andy Monument, honors the iconic work of Andy Warhol, is within view of his famous Factory, a la 1968-1984, at the Decker building, 33 Union Square West, where he and his collaborators produced silkscreen paintings, films, music, books and magazines.

The figure, designed by Rob Pruitt for the Public Art Fund, is based on a combination of digital scanning of a live model and hand sculpting, with a chrome surface, mounted on a concrete pedestal.

The statue is only on display through Oct. 2, and shows Warhol wearing his trademark blazer and Levi’s 501 jeans, along with a Polaroid camera, carrying a Bloomingdale’s bag—perhaps filled with Interview magazines.

Pruitt wrote for the unveiling, “Andy spawned a generation who believe they can make it in New York. Every day, a thousand more kids come from Eastern Europe or the East who believe they can make it here. He has made New York York a destination to believe all things are possible.”Leonard chats with old friends Taylor Mead and Ultra Violet.