Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Matt Zarley Launches 'Change' LP With 'Fucking' Frisky Frolic 'WTF'

I met Matt Zarley in New York in 2008 via publicist extraordinaire Michael Caprio, and became a fast follower, reviewing EP Here I Am for Billboard, calling it "a beautifully produced EP of power pop tunes; a marquee mainstream artist is born... Here's a crush for grown-ups, whose earthy machismo is quite the complement to his musical muscle."

How's that for "writing" between the lines? Matt, who is openly gay, is not only a wildly talented singer/songwriter, but quite the comely gentleman—and a sweetheart, on top of it. Score!

Zarley's single "Had I Known," was my No. 25 song for 2008. And now, 2011 shows all the more promise with upcoming album Change Begins With Me and launch single (available on iTunes) "WTF," a giddy dancefloor twirler with a chorus as adhesive as a gallon of Gorilla Glue.

Ironically, the lyric is about a contemptible cad who cheats on poor Matt, as he laments: "You wrecked my heart, should have known from the start you're too good to be true/Now the guilt is on you, but what the fuck... it's just my luck..." with the moral, "Why couldn't you be simply honest with me?"

Breaking up has never sounded so fun... But unfortunately, the song is based on real life. In a fresh interview with Radaronline, Matt explains, "You can never really expect people to change and sometimes it requires you to change things in your own life to find happiness. Those changes first have to start within."
Below is the wonderfully crafted, joyously delivered (and deceptively positive) music video. WARNING: The video contains extremely explicit images: Matt kisses a cute little dog. Caution!

WTF: CLEAN VERSION from Matt Zarley on Vimeo.

Sunday brunch with Ayhan, Matt and pal Randy at New York's Elmo exactly one month ago.