Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday Night Times Square

The extraordinary Ghia, whom I met when she joined Ayhan & Dennis earlier this year to develop ideas for their Young Pals Records, is now in chahoots with me to help take my writing career to the next level. Her brain blows smoke, the gears turn so fast. She was in town this weekend with her adorable (no, really) kids Alden and Jack.Above, with Ayhan and meese.Group shot: meese, Ghia, Dennis & Ayhan.The fabulous Broadway Lounge where we gathered, on the eighth floor of the Marriott Times Square.Imagine children that are charming, fun, not precious, at ease with grown-ups and wonderful conversationalists. I know! I didn't know they came that way, either. Ghia has done one helluva job with Alden and Jack. As I've always said, I have nothing against kids; it's bad parents that irritate the living shit out of me.We talked about artists and radio: I got a fantastic first-hand education from the new generation that is shaping popular music.Beautiful Dennis & gorgeous Ashley.